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No, we only sell accessories to make your Helium miner perform better. To avoid disappointment, we always suggest purchasing your Helium miner directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor.  

Device has RO SMA Female, cable or adapter should be an RP SMA Male

Nebra Indoor





Device has SMA Female, cable or adapter should be SMA Male


OG Helium 

Many of the antennas you see sold online come with a coaxial cable. The cable, in most cases, is low quality and thus has more loss. These cables are also always very short. When you purchase an outside antenna, you want to have the antenna as high up as possible, and most included cables would not work.  


For most cases, the answer to this is question is yes. Stock antennas usually have a gain of 1or 2 dBi. In order to reach further you need an antenna with higher gain. The largest gain that you will see if when you have have your antenna outside, up high and away from obstructions. 

The best place to mount an antenna is outside on the highest point possible. If you live in a house that means on the rooftop. A mast or tower in your backyard, would be ideal as well. 

Since we only sell products in Canada, all of our antennas are designed for the 915 MHz frequency band.  

Many of us think that more is always better. In some cases, this is very true, but not always with an omni-directional antenna. The gain of an antenna (measured in dBi) is the ability to direct the radio frequency energy in a particular direction.

High gain antennas (10/8dBi) radiate in a narrow pattern for a longer distance and are great for flat terrain with few obstacles. However, if your antenna location is high, your signal may overshoot anything below you. If your antenna is low down, obstructions may block your signal.

Medium gain antennas (5.8 dBi) have a more rounded and broader pattern. These antennas work well around obstructions and are great for suburban areas. In addition, they would allow you to connect with hotspots that are both vertically and horizontally near you.

Low gain antennas (3 dBi) have a broad radiation pattern and are best for rugged terrain or a dense urban environment. Your signal is less likely to be blocked by obstacles such as buildings and hills tight to your location.

The short answer is no. Bobcat uses a magnetic mount antenna on a short cable. The antenna connection on the base is proprietary. Our antennas use a type N female or male connector and are too long and heavy for the Bobcat base.  

We don't sell mast for your antennas as they are too costly to ship. Our best suggestion is to find a top rail for chain link fencing from your local home improvement store. They usually come in galvanized and black.

Coaxial Cables

LMR400 Equivalent is a term used to describe a type of cable that conforms to a similar specification as Times Microwave Systems branded cable LMR400. Equivalent cable uses the same connectors manufactured by different manufacturers for different customers. Depending on our vendor lead times, the name on the cables may be different but rest assured, the quality of the product is the same.  

LMR400 cable is a 10mm or 1/2 inch cable and is stiff. When using an adapter to go from N Female to RP SMA Male, there can be lots of strain on the small RP SMA connector. When using a short flexible cable instead of an adapter, you have more flexible installation options and less chance of breakage. 

 The total length of cable will dictate wheater you require LMR400 or LMR240. Our suggestion is if the total length of cable is less than 20 feet to choose LMR400. On the other hand, if you are looking for over 20 feet of cable, we suggest LMR400 or a combination of LMR400 and LMR240.  


We like to keep shipping charges easy to understand. The shipping prices quoted typically cover shipping an 8 dBi antenna to a province. If you are looking to purchase something smaller please reach out for a shipping quote.