No, we only sell accessories to make your Helium miner perform better. We always suggest to purchase your Helium miner directly from the manufacturer to avoid dissapointment.

Device has RO SMA Female, cable or adapter should be an RP SMA Male

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Device has SMA Female, cable or adapter should be SMA Male


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Many of the antennas you see sold online come with a coaxial
cable. The cable, in most cases, is low quality and thus has more loss. These
cables are also always very short. When you purchase an outside antenna, you
want to have the antenna as high up as possible, and most included cables would
not work.


For most cases, the answer to this is question is yes. Stock antennas usually have a gain of 1or 2 dBi. In order to reach further you need an antenna with higher gain. The largest gain that you will see if when you have have your antenna outside, up high and away from obstructions.

The best place to mount an antenna is outside on the highest point possible. If you live in a house that means on the rooftop. A mast or tower in your backyard, would be ideal as well.

Since we only sell products in Canada, all of our antennas are designed for the 915 MHz frequency band.

Antennas are passive devices and don’t amplify signals. Antenna gain is a measurement of how well they transmit and receive signals at the sprecific or range of frequencies. The gain of an antenna is specified in ‘dBi’. This is the gain relative to a isotropic antenna (think coat hanger).

If you’re trying to capture signals further away for instance, it makes sense to pick a 8 or 10 dBi antenna. If you want to capture signals from hotspots near and far, we recommend picking a 3 or 5.8 dBi antenna.

Coaxial Cables

LMR400 Equivalent is a term used to describe a type of cable
that conforms to a similar specification as Times Microwave Systems branded
cable LMR400. Equivalent cable uses the same connectors and is manufactured by different
manufacturers for different customers. Depending on our vendor lead times, the
name on the cables may be different but rest assured, the quality of the
product is the same.

LMR400 cable is a 10mm or 1/2 inch cable and is stiff. When using an adapter
to go from N Female to RP SMA Male, there can be lots of strain on the small RP
SMA connector. When using a short flexible cable instead of an adapter, you
have more flexible installation options and less chance of breakage.

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